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uAttend is the one stop destination for all your time clocks and time attendance device needs. Whether you are a small business or a large workspace, our products are suitable for all work environments and are available in many variants to meet budget and other personal requirements. Businesses these days require not manual but automatic time clocks and attendance systems. If you are someone who is looking for biometric time clocks then fingerprint time clocks are ideal for you.  We offer you two different variants of such products and the details of both of them are given below.

  1. BN6500 – This is a biometric time clock which connects to the internet via Wifi which allows users to do time and attendance functions from any computer device. Users can punch in their attendance not just through a computer but also through a phone app or telephone. Some of the features of this device include free lifetime replacement, easy department transfers, large color display, tip and expense reporting, job tracking, time off requests, designated break and lunch punches and others. You can buy this product at a reasonable rate of $249. Place your order today!
  2. BN3000 – This is yet another fingerprint time clock available to you at a very reasonable price at uAttend. This product allows employees to punch themselves in and out of computers, telephones and mobile phone apps effortlessly via Wifi connection. Employers can monitor the attendance on their handheld devices from anywhere in the world through cloud servers. There are many advanced features offered by this device and some of them include job tracking, easy department transfers, free lifetime replacement, tip and expense reporting, time off requests, large color display, lunch punches and others. This product is available at a price of $149 only. So hurry and get it now!

The main benefits of these fingerprint time clocks include elimination of buddy punching, easy payroll management, automatic calculation of employee working hours, easy installation and management of time clock and reduction in manual time attendance management etc.

You can easily buy these systems from uAttend at the most economical prices in the market. We also sell a range of other time clocks for employees and you can check out the collection on the website. uAttend helps you bring a certain level of accountability to the business and hence saves a lot of money. You can also sign up for a demo in Australia and check the prices of each device on the website so that you can easily take a decision on which one to buy.

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