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BN6500 WiFi Fingerprint Time Clock

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        • The uAttend BN6500 uses biometric fingerprint reader for clocking in and out. Combined with cloud based time sheets, this time clock makes time and attendance simple, efficient and smart. Employees place their fingerprint on the sensor and their time is instantly sent to cloud time sheets, all data is live. It is a complete employee attendance solution without any need of networking knowledge.

        • Now with free in-built WiFi!
        • You can easily connect multiple clocks to the same cloud based web account. Access your time sheets from any device (mobile, laptop or computer) on the internet, without any need for installing or maintaining software. Monthly fees shown above include active employees and up to 2 active time clocks.

        • The product has the facility to easily export your approved time sheets to your payroll software, Quickbooks, MYOB, Attache, KeyPay, and Cloud Payroll!


Reviews for BN6500 WiFi Fingerprint Time Clock
4.3 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Ashley Nolan from French's Laundry - Bayswater VIC on Jun 13, 2017
Fingerprint scanner doesn't work on everyone but it's generally a great system.
Tracey from Stoll’s Spraying Equipment Pty. Ltd - Wagga Wagga NSW on Mar 29, 2017
Love it!
Mark Blong from Aussie Batteries and Solar - QLD on Aug 18, 2016
Time clock is great - easy for team to use. Software updates required to allow for our specific time card needs [discussed with Kent] - appreciate these are pending.
No complaints - working fine

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