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In this modern day and date of technology, a lot of businesses and workplaces have started making use of biometric time and attendance technology. This technology is basically used to note down the clock in and out time of employees so that their payroll can easily be calculated and paid. This technology has been around for quite some time but there are still several myths and misconceptions that surround it. To help you clear your knowledge about the same, we have come up with a list of the common myths about biometric time clocks with the real facts.

Biometric systems store fingerprints

This is a common myth which most people have about biometric attendance systems but the fact is that they do not actually store the fingerprints but rather rely on multi spectral biometric capturing technology which captures the fingerprint characteristics at and under the skin and records this as a numeric string. Traditional biometric machines which store fingerprints can be compromised easily however these ones are more secure.

Biometric clocks do not work well in dirty and cold environments

Another common misconception that people have about biometric time tracking software is that they do not work very well in dirty and cold environments. But in reality, multi spectral technology, that is used in these devices these days are not affected by cold or dirt. Environmental factors or conditions could easily affect fingerprint readers but not modern day devices.

Only big companies and workplaces can afford biometric devices

These days, biometric time clocks are bought and used not just by big companies and large workplaces but also by small and medium sized businesses. They are no longer very expensive and can be afforded by almost all businesses easily. Moreover, since they help save so much money these days, they prove to be a good investment rather than an added cost.

Only employers facing serious buddy punching problems need biometric devices

Besides preventing buddy punching, which is a major reason why time clocks are bought by people; these devices also help to prevent accidental punching. So thinking that only those employers who experience serious buddy punching issues need biometric time clocks is a myth. These devices are also needed because they integrate well with door access controls for workplace owners who have restricted access areas.

The above give points must have cleared several myths that you may have had about buddy punching. So if you have any doubts about purchasing one such device, you must surely erase them and but one today from a trusted vendor like uAttend in Australia today!

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