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Workplaces these days have become more concerned and aware of the attendance of employees because upon it depends their total daily and hence monthly pay. Unlike earlier days, employers pay special attention and focus on how attentive and regular the employees are because the total workplace output depends upon this. This is why they have started adopting new technologies and techniques to calculate the attendance of employees. Some of these systems include card system time clocks and biometric time clocks. While both perform the same function of calculating the attendance of employees and entering their work timing related details, there are a few fundamental differences between them. The following are the main points of differences between card system time clocks and biometric time clocks.

  • Where on one hand, card system time attendance software are those products which need employees to punch in their cards, biometric time clocks are those which just need fingerprints or any other biometric entity to be entered so as to get access to the workplace. Thus the basic designing is different in both the systems.
  • Biometric time clocks eliminate the need for employees to carry identity cards to workplace and are more modern in their approach as far as technology is concerned. Card system time clocks however are more commonly used in workplaces around the world at present.
  • Card system time clocks or attendance systems may prove to be a little cheaper as compared to biometric time clocks since they involve a slightly older technology. Biometric time clocks are the latest time attendance systems and are hence a bit expensive than any other such software or systems in the world.

While these are the main differences between the two systems, there are several similarities between them too. For example, both card system and biometric systems are linked to cloud services which send the entire data to cloud based servers and are hence available for viewing and editing anywhere in the world. This makes them extremely beneficial for employers since they can check the timings and payroll details of employees even remotely. Such software’s eliminate the need for manual calculations and payroll management and hence save a lot of time and money. Another similarity between the two is that both such systems require minimum maintenance or manual assistance and can easily be installed in any workplace. If you are someone who is looking for biometric time attendance systems or card based systems, you can browse through the various options available at uAttend. All our products are priced very reasonably and fulfill requirements of both big and small offices in Australia.


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