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How It Works

Total Cloud Solution – No Software – Low Monthly Membership

uAttend offers you a cloud-based time and attendance system which only needs a broadband connection, enabling you to clock in and out or check attendance from anywhere. It is completely web-based, there is NO software to install.

You do NOT need to install any software, just use a browser, no other computer hardware is needed, all you need is an internet connection.

Internet connected Proximity or Biometric Clocking Terminals as well as WebSmart Phone App and Phone Clocking are all available with clockings all being consolidated in one account.

It’s simple for employees to use and managers to maintain…

Designed Especially for Small Businesses

The conventional time clocks and employee attendance systems depend on the computer where a client based software system is installed. uAttend has developed its time attendance system based on cloud computing technology which provides great flexibility to clock in and access employee attendance data from any part of the world. The clock in and out options include direct clocking in/out at the time clock installed in your organization, using any web-browser or by phone. All data is stored online in and you can easily access it using our friendly cloud-based control panel for editing, reconciliation and for exporting data to use with your payroll system.