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How It Works

Total Cloud Solution – No Software – Low Monthly Membership

uAttend is Simple, Smart & Affordable


Key Features

Say goodbye to messy paper timesheets, confusing spreadsheets, and manual data entry. Everything is prepared for you by the uAttend application. 

  • There is no software to install 
  • Access the data from anywhere at anytime from any device
  • Real-time data from the time clock device and smartphone application 
  • Instantly access your employee timesheets
  • Handles any number of employees
  • Great if you have multiple locations
  • Manager and Supervisor login access
  • View and manage real-time, time and attendance data 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Getting started is easy, choose how you want employees to clock in and sign up for a uAttend online account.

    Choose Your Clocking Option

    uAttend offers a range of clocking in options offering a choice of one or a combination of clocking in options to suit the way your business works. The system does all the hard work of bringing the data together for you so you can view and manage it through one easy-to-use web interface.

    • Options include biometric fingerprint and face recognition terminals; RFID swipe card or proximity key tag terminals. Simply connect to your network from either an ethernet cable or WiFi. Find out more
    • Remote Smartphone clocking: Using PIN numbers and geolocation give greater flexibility if you have employees working on remote site.The free smartphone app is available to download for both iPhone and Android.
    • Self-service web clocking: Using a PC, Mac or tablet, employees can clock in right from there PC. Giving them the added ability to request annual leave or an absence of a dentist or doctor’s appointment.

    Decide how you want staff to clock in, uAttend takes the data from all the options and collates it in your online account for you and colleagues to view, manage and run reports.

    Designed Especially for Small Businesses

    The uAttend time & attendance system is based on cloud computing technology which provides great flexibility to clock in and access employee attendance data from any part of the world. The clock in and out options include direct clocking in and out at the time clock installed in your organisation, using any web-browser or by phone. All data is stored online in and you can easily access it using our friendly cloud-based control panel for editing, reconciliation and for exporting data to use with your payroll system.

    uAttend collects and processes real-time clocking in data online, significantly speeding up and increasing the accuracy of payroll processing. uAttend enables organisations to manage holidays, sick leave and overtime more efficiently in an easy to use solution.

    Cloud-based systems are flexible which a growing business can benefit from. Giving you the ability to track employee time and attendance from anywhere at anytime from any device allowing you to process payroll from home or even overseas.