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Which is better biometric time clock? Face scan or fingerprint scan

by Ainsley Coomber March 17, 2017

Which is better biometric time clock? Face scan or fingerprint scan

A biometric time and attendance system is a kind of time management software which takes into account the unique physical characteristics of employees to clock them in and out of the workplace and hence help calculating the attendance and the payroll. Some of the attributes that can be utilized by such systems include iris pattern, face scanning, hand print, fingerprint scan and others. There is often a debate whether the face scan time clock is better or the fingerprint scan. Well the following given points will help you find out which one of these is a better option for you.

  • As the name suggests fingerprint time clocks are those which scan the unique fingerprints of employees and match them with existing and already recorded prints to give them entry. They are impossible to cheat and hence prevent buddy punching etc. face scan time clocks on the other hand record the facial features of employees and too are hard to cheat. In comparison with fingerprint time clocks, face scan centers take longer to scan and verify faces since it takes individual features like nose, eyes, ears etc one by one.
  • In case of fingerprint time clocks, employees only need the hand or the thumb print for verification and this means they have to actually touch the machine but in case of face scan systems, one only needs to stand in front of the camera for verification. Thus in case of fingerprint, the machine may need to be cleaned or wiped again and again which is not so in face scan systems.
  • While on one hand fingerprint face scan systems are compatible in all kinds of environments, facial recognition ones may not work in direct sunlight especially if it is one of low quality.
  • It is a fact that fingerprint scan machines or time and attendance systems are much more accurate than facial recognition systems.  This is because while fingerprints always remain the same, facial features change with time, makeup and other reasons.
  • Face scan machines are more vulnerable and likely to fall into the wrong hands.  This is so because such systems may store photos or pictures of employees. However in the case of a fingerprint time and attendance system, there is no such threat.

From the above given points, you can decide on your own which system seems more suitable for your workplace or business. Both of them have their set of positives and a few negatives and hence the choice is a tricky one. To purchase any one of these time tracking software in Australia, you can log on to uAttend.


Ainsley Coomber
Ainsley Coomber