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Uses and benefits of facial recognition time clocks

by David Azzopardi October 14, 2016

Uses and benefits of facial recognition time clocks

In this modern day and age of biometric time clocks and attendance systems, workplace owners and employers are always looking for more advanced and modern devices to keep the attendance of their employees in check. No one wants to get into the hassle of manual attendance of employees as it is more tedious and time taking. Moreover, manual time keeping has more scope for mistakes which may translate to mistakes in payroll and hence loss for the company. One of the most modern and advanced time clocks available these days is facial recognition time clocks. If you are looking for a time clock for your workplace, then facial recognition ones is a good idea.

The following are some of the main uses and benefits of facial recognition time clocks:

  • One of the main and most important benefits of installing a facial recognition time clock is that it helps to eliminate buddy punching at workplaces. These systems do not accept identity cards but recognize employees through their facial features. Through this way, there is no scope for proxy attendance and this proves beneficial for the workplace owners or employers.
  • Another use and benefit of a facial recognition time clock is that it is easy to use for employers and needs only a one time installation. The employees simply need to look into the time clock display and the features are identified within seconds. This method is used for clocking in and clocking out the employee and all the information is collected and converted into digitally encoded information.
  • Once you have a facial recognition time clock installed at your workplace, you will be able to access all the data on any of your device, from anywhere in the world since the data is stored over cloud storage. This makes making reports, exporting to payroll solutions and other such tasks seamless and very easy.
  • The main use of such systems is that they make the workplace really secure since no unauthorized person is allowed to enter the premises. This makes the events of fraud, robbery and theft etc less likely. This also eliminates the need to hire security personnel at the entrance of the workplace.
  • Such systems are very fast and faster than other conventional time clocks or attendance systems. They help to save time of both the employees and employers and hence indirectly boost productivity. Proximity time clocks and facial recognition time clocks are hence very useful in today’s busy work environments.

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David Azzopardi
David Azzopardi