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The Unexpected Benefits of having an Employee Tracking Software

by Ainsley Coomber April 24, 2017

The Unexpected Benefits of having an Employee Tracking Software

Tracking software for employee attendance is beyond doubt making the work of managing the time employees spend out of the office easier and faster.The obvious benefits include vacation request and approval automation as well as automatic addition and deduction of vacation days as the employees use the days or earn.

There are many advantages of tracking the employee’s attendance that boost businesses in many ways and these are some of the unexpected benefits the attendance tracking software brings:

It makes the payroll automatic

In the world that we are living in today,employees do not need to fill out an attendance and time sheet.Supervisors and managers do not need to push the attendance sheets around anymore for them to calculate how many hours each employee has worked or has spent on vacation or leave for been sick.

The time management software handles everything correctly.The software system also calculates the number of hours an employee has worked and their pay automatically and any tax deductions or all deductions.This reduces the errors human beings make when they have to calculate same information.

It’s environmentally-friendly and good for your desk

Time tracking software reduces the requirements for paper forms.This saves the business money that they would have used to buy the paper.It is also great in reducing the amount paper that piles up on the desks. Lastly, the software is environmentally friendly because it saves trees by reducing paper use in companies.

Tax Issues Prevention

Attendance and time software helps greatly when the time to pay tax nears.When the attendance and time system work with the payroll system,tax filing software uploads information automatically. If your company is using a tax advisor,these three systems work to generate paper and electronic reports the advisor can use to prepare the company’s taxes.

Improved satisfaction of Employees

Employees find it easier to use and attendance tracking software.They also love the ability to access information.When they log into the system,they can not only punch the time clock, but they also can access how many sick days,vacation days and individual days are remaining for use.

Reduction in Employee time theft

Employee attendance software has features that ensure no other employee can login and do the work for another. This removes the ability of hour manipulation by employees on paper forms and quickly reduces the number of hours stolen from the company by the employees.

Employee attendance tracking software has many benefits to a company some of which are obvious and others unexpected.

It prevents lawsuits

The digitalized record of your company’s employees’ time provided by the attendance tracking software gives you evidence to proof you paid an employee in case they file a lawsuit.


Ainsley Coomber
Ainsley Coomber