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Importance of proximity time clock in workspaces

by David Azzopardi August 23, 2016

Importance of proximity time clock in workspaces

For every business across the world, however big or small, the number of hours every employee works is directly proportional to the rate of success. But is it always easy to manage each employee’s working hours, entry time and exit time? Well, yes! Thanks to modern day technology, now every employer or business owner can track the number of hours each employee spends at work through his/her phone or computer. There are many amazing time tracking softwares and other such employee attendance products that can be installed at workplaces to ensure that every worker remains punctual and gives the required attendance. The following are some points of importance of proximity time clocks in workspaces.

  • Proximity time clock is basically a kind of an employee attendance tracking device in which the employee card doesn’t need to be swiped since the reader detects the card from certain proximity. Such cards just need to be held close to the machine when the employee enters and exits the workplace and the number of hours of work are thus recorded.
  • The main point of importance of such time clocks is that they are completely digital and need no manpower for them to function or operate. This means that the employer doesn’t have to do any hardwork except for the installation once in the beginning.
  • Proximity time clocks send all the data to the employer’s computer or mobile phone through apps so that no matter where the business owner or employee is, he/she can track the attendance of each of the employee.
  • Through such devices, employees are more aware of the fact that their attendance is being tracked and hence are more punctual and regular to work. This in turn increases their work productivity and hence the overall work productivity of a workplace.
  • Another way in which proximity time clock and other such devices prove useful at workplaces is by avoiding proxy attendance by employees. Gone are the days when employees used to cheat employers by giving proxy attendances. Thanks to such devices, there is no chance of fake attendances.
  • Proximity time clocks read those proximity cards that can be put in wallets and bags and do not require to be taken out at the time of holding them close to the machine. These cards track multiple shifts during a day and even let employers view hours of each of the shifts.
  • These machines are easy to install and are a must for any office space.

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David Azzopardi
David Azzopardi