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How Information Technology Can Help Small Businesses Cut Costs Down

by David Azzopardi August 04, 2016

How Information Technology Can Help Small Businesses Cut Costs Down

According to Ipsos, the independent market research company, 61% of small business owners agree that Information Technology is key to helping them compete with similar or larger-sized competitors. Along with improving efficiency, IT systems can also reduce your company’s operating costs.

1.) Automated HR system

The HR department is the backbone of every organization. From hiring the right employees then managing and tracking their productivity, the HR staff ensures that employees are working together to meet the company’s needs.

While some HR tasks require human-to-human interaction, there are other time-consuming, repetitive tasks that can be completed by an automated system. An electronic employee database, automated payroll system, and employee self-service portal are just a few of the capabilities provided by an automated system.

Instead of wasting time on monotonous tasks, HR staff can spend their time analyzing data, which in turn will help them make better decisions when it comes to employee well-being.

2.) Automated Accounts Management

As your business grows you’ll need to hire more employees. Manually creating accounts by having new employees fill out paperwork that is later passed to the HR or IT department, is an unnecessary time-consuming process. The more employees you hire, the longer and more accident-prone this method becomes.

With an automated accounts management system, employee information is entered into a web form. During the registration process employees can be granted access to any applications needed to perform their jobs. This saves time by eliminating the need to create separate accounts for each application.

3.) Cloud Computing

Gone are the days of needing an IT department with 20-30 employees to manage your business’ hardware and software. Instead, businesses have the option of outsourcing their IT needs with cloud computing services.

Instead of storing data and running programs from a local hard drive, they are accessed over the Internet with cloud computing. Outsourcing puts the responsibility of software updates, virus protection, backups and security in the hands of a dedicated service provider.

This reduces the need for a large IT department and allows the staff to focus on more rewarding and innovative tasks.

4.) Time Attendance Software

Automating your HR system and accounts management process just became one step easier with time and attendance software.  With cloud-based systems like uAttend, all you need is a reliable broadband connection to begin managing employee work shifts, recording attendance and overtime, tracking available vacation and sick days, automate payroll, etc.

In just a few minutes you can save your company time and money by implementing a cloud-based time attendance system.


David Azzopardi
David Azzopardi