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Futuristic way to calculate employee work hours: Face scans time clocks

by Bold Support December 06, 2016

Futuristic way to calculate employee work hours: Face scans time clocks

We live in a world where technology is advancing with each passing day and in such a scenario it is important for us also to move forward with changing times. If you are an office owner who has a staff base then you must install time clocks or time attendance systems in your workplace. These systems help calculate attendance in a simpler manner than manual counting and provide payroll related benefits as well. But the future holds more developed technologies and one of them is face scan time clocks. These time clocks are the biometric version of time attendance systems and use your employees’ facial features to recognize them and clock them in and out. If you wish to know more about such systems, you can go through the following given information.

  • The main benefit of face scan time clocks is that they save both time and money of an organization. This happens since they eliminate the need for organizations to employee employees for calculating attendance and hence converting into payroll. Moreover, these systems are easier for workplaces to incorporate into their existing databases and hence easy to use.
  • Face scan time attendance systems can never be subject to fraudulent practices since facial features are unique to every individual or every employees. This means that these systems eliminate the chance of buddy punching and other such practices and hence make payroll payment almost transparent.
  • Wireless biometric time clocks are mostly fully automated and in maximum cases, they report to a central data collection point which means that they offer the payroll manager or officer the entire access to working hours.  This speeds up the payment process.
  • As we all know, the world is trying to reduce the usage and consumption of paper to save the environment. As workplace owners, it is our responsibility to minimize paper usage and face scan time clocks help in this too. They eliminate the need for making and carrying ID cards which are too made by using paper.
  • Another benefit that biometric or face scan time attendance software provide is that they reduce the chances of calculation errors which can arise in case of manual clocking in/clocking out or payroll management. This helps businesses across the world save a great deal of money every year.

Attendance time clocks are many but choosing the one that is advanced and accurate is your task so make sure you do your research and buy such a machine from a trusted company.


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