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5 ways to establish discipline at workplace

by David Azzopardi August 17, 2016

5 ways to establish discipline at workplace

Offices and other kinds of workplaces are extremely important spaces where one not only performs various official activities but also grows, learns and prospers. It is extremely important for employers or business owners to set guidelines for enforcing discipline at workplaces. Without discipline, it can be difficult to reach deadlines, complete tasks and maintain order. A disciplined workforce is also likely to be more successful as a whole than a group of undisciplined employees. There are many amazing ways in which you as an employer can enforce discipline and a few of them have been given below.

1.    Set fingerprint time attendance

One of the best ways in which a workplace can be tackled is by ensuring that all employees reach the office on time and leave only after completing the official day time. For this purpose, workplaces can have fingerprint attendance system. Such systems require fingerprint of employees while checking in and checking out every day. This is a good way to record their arrival time and the number of hours spent in office. This makes the employees much more punctual and disciplined.

2.    Set a dress code

Another way to ensure discipline at the workplace is to set a certain dress code for the employees. While most workplaces in the world have formals as the dress code, some have also started following the casual look for workplace attire. Setting a dress code lets you put things in order and also infuses a sense of discipline among the workers.

3.    Give a set of guidelines

There is always a proper way in which employees should conduct themselves at the workplace. For example, one must be polite, formal in their tone, respectful towards colleagues and so on. It is important to set a list of guidelines so that these behavioral habits become compulsory and when one doesn’t follow them, he/she is given some form of punishment etc. without setting out these measures, employees may become too casual in their approach and disturb the order of the workplace.

4.    Conduct performance checks

In order to keep track of the performance of employees at workplace, you can also make it a point to conduct performance checks every once in a while. This will keep the employees disciplined and will make them work harder.

5.    Give incentives

Another way to enforce discipline at an office is to give incentives and rewards to the employees for following rules, being punctual, giving good attendance etc. This will automatically make the workplace much more organized and disciplined.

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David Azzopardi
David Azzopardi