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5 reasons to move time attendance to a cloud server

by Ainsley Coomber February 03, 2017

5 reasons to move time attendance to a cloud server

Cloud computing has taken the world by a storm and can be heard everywhere these days.  Cloud computing is basically a technology in which an application runs on a third party server and this in turn offers the users an access over a secured internet connection. There are plenty of cloud based applications these days and one which has really been benefiting businesses across the world is cloud based time clocks. If you are a business owner and have a proper time and attendance system in place, then it may be time to move it to the cloud. Why? Well the following given 5 reasons might prove convincing:

1.    It can help save your IT budget

When you shift to cloud based time attendance system then it eliminates both the money as well as the time needed to install software or maintain the overall system.  This means that shifting to it can considerably save your IT budget.  For such systems you won’t need a dedicated IT resource set up.

2.    It can help save time and money spent on payroll mechanisms

Payroll activities can really take a toll on any business’s staff and payroll department. These activities require time and money to set up, run and maintain but when you introduce a cloud based time and attendance system, then you can avoid spending that time and money and use it on other important things.  Thus this is another reason why you need to shift ASAP!

3.    Upgrades can be accessed instantly

When it comes to a non cloud time attendance system, there is no scope for any upgrades or improvements but the same is not true for cloud based systems. Cloud based time clocks or software's offer automatic and instant upgrades which need no extra cost to avail.

4.    Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Another reason why you must shift your payroll and time and attendance activities to cloud servers is because the data that is stored on the cloud can be accessed by employers or respective payroll managers from anywhere in the world.  This privilege isn’t available to those who still use non cloud based time clocks and this can be really limiting.

5.    The data can never be lost

A superb benefit of cloud based systems in time and attendance calculation is that the data which is stored on the cloud server can never be lost and always remains secure. This means you don’t have to worry about making multiple copies of the data.

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Ainsley Coomber
Ainsley Coomber