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5 important reasons you need to replace punch clocks at workplace

by Ainsley Coomber December 28, 2016

5 important reasons you need to replace punch clocks at workplace

It is rather surprising to know that the first employee punch clock was invented back in 1888 and its main use was to record the timings of entry and exit of employees.  But in today’s time, punch clocks have changed in form and the purposes that they fulfill.  Punch clocks these days are not just difficult to maintain but also inefficient. There are many newer methods and devices these days which have replaced punch clocks and prove much better. If you still use a punch clock at your workplace, then the following given 5 reasons will surely convince you to replace them:

Punch clocks are expensive

The main reason why you must opt for a proximity time clock or other such time tracking device rather than a punch clock is because punch clocks prove more expensive to buy and maintain.  A computer based time clock is surely more affordable and doesn’t have many overhead charges.

They are difficult to maintain

Another reason why you must go for a web based time clock is because punch clocks are often more difficult to maintain. They come along with many maintenance costs and one needs to purchase other items like badges, ribbons and timecards too along with them. They need regular servicing too which is not the case with time tracking software.

They reduce accountability of employees

Punch clocks often tend to reduce employee accountability since they do not avoid buddy punching. This means that organizations have to pay more to employees than they actually deserve. However in the case of web based time tracking devices, one cannot clock in for anyone else but themselves and this saves a lot of money for workplace owners.

They make payroll processing difficult

Punch clocks make the process of payroll processing very difficult as compared to time clocks since several loopholes tend to prove roadblocks. This only increases both the effort and the time required to maintain and process payroll.

They often prove inefficient

Mechanical punch clocks are limited in their approach and application and prove inefficient when compared with modern day computer based software's. They do not take many factors like late arrivals; multiple office entries etc into consideration and hence do not prove successful in large workplaces. Time clocks however are much more efficient and successful in varied work environments.

So now that you are convinced about replacing punch clocks with web based time attendance systems, you must purchase one as soon as possible. To do so in Sydney, Australia, you can log on to uAttend AU and get one for yourself today!


Ainsley Coomber
Ainsley Coomber