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The best fingerprint time attendance systems in town

by David Azzopardi September 28, 2016

The best fingerprint time attendance systems in town

uAttend is your one stop destination for all biometric systems in Australia. The company is the favorite among offices and workspaces who are ditching the dated manual time attendance systems and switching to high on technology devices. At uAttend you will find a large variety of such devices, suitable for your business and available at several price tags for both small and business establishments. These systems work in a very simple manner and fulfill several purposes. The quality and life of each is beyond comparison and this is one reason why every business must get themselves one from our company. The following are some important details about fingerprint time attendance systems sold by uAttend.

  • uAttend makes use of cloud computing to let businesses take attendance of employees flexibility and from almost anywhere in the world.  These systems are different from the usual traditional time clocks which are connected with computer systems.
  • All the punched in data is collected over cloud and can be viewed, edited and reconciled by employers even from their phones, tabs or computer systems.
  • uAttend systems are designed in such a way that there is no requirement of networking together different solutions for different employees.

The following are the steps to be followed for employees and managers to use and manage time attendance systems.

  • The first thing that they need to do is to punch in and punch out from uAttend time clocks or website or phones.
  • The next thing that needs to be done is by managers. The managers can login to the website to see the hours, make changes, run reports and manage the entire system.
  • All the information and data entered into these time tracking software is available to be exported to the payroll of the company and hence the calculations become much easier.

Such systems are not just suitable for small businesses but also large organizations that may be facing difficulty in managing the employee base. Once installed, they need minimum maintenance and are extremely time saving. They take a lot of burden off the payroll managers and others in the HR department and are absolutely in sync with the modern technologically advanced workspace environments.

What makes uAttend systems better from those offered by other companies is the price at which they are made available. They are extremely reasonably priced and are very easy to use for both managers and employees. If you wish to get one for your business anywhere in Perth, AU, then you can contact us today and order the one that you think is the most suitable one.


David Azzopardi
David Azzopardi